Computing Technologies

Technology Category Rationale
Smartphones Existing The entire movie revolves around the use of a smartphone to connect to the game and to the watchers. Additionally Vee and Sydney use the phone for texting and video which smartphones have been able to do for years. Vee’s phone looks and functions similarly to a Apple iPhone.
Computer Existing Vee signs up to Nerve with a computer and Tommy used a computer to hack into the Nerve’s servers to stop them. Here the computers look and function to ones on the market.
Drone Existing A drone is used to film Ian when he is doing a dare on a crane which would be hard to video in any other way.
Cameras Existing The entire movie relies on the ability for people to video themselves doing dares.
Internet Existing The internet is the network used to connect all the players to one another, and allow the watchers to view the dares.
Open-Source Existing The Nerve game is based solely off of open source code. No single person or computer hosts or controls the game, and every new user becomes a new server so the game is impossible to shut down.
Blockchain Existing Similar to open source, the game functions off of a system where every user must approve a new dare (similar to blockchain’s approving transactions) and the game has no centralized server.
Online Banking Existing The players hook up their bank cards to the app to receive deposits for completing dares. These funds are then wiped out after Vee goes to the police.
Social Media Existing The use of social media is highly prevalent in the movie. The Nerve game is based off of a large social network where users are either recognized as “watchers” or “players”. Players of the game earn money for completing dares that are requested by the watchers. It is a reminder of the dangers that can arise from social media as technology grows.
Online Gaming Existing The way Nerve is presented is game-like, with a scoreboard and people competing against each other.
Dark Web Existing The characters use the dark web to create some sort of botnet which creates a user base large enough to pass an edit into the source code.
HD Live Video Existing The game requires the players to record themselves completing the dares, which are then broadcasted to all the watchers
GPS Existing The scenes in which the players’ usernames are displayed through the city moving. Also each city is competing within their geographical boundaries.